Landmark, the fastest growing group of companies, started as an IT hardware retailer an evolved to quality lifestyle for 100s of its prized patrons. For IT products to residential complexes to hotels to retailing & business premises…

Landmark has been creating ground breaking benchmarks & aims to delight its cliental through identifying & fulfilling their needs and desires. The company promises to deliver a wholesome package of finest quality, splendid ambience and lasting piece of mind. The credibility of Landmark is amply proved by the grand success of its past ventures.

The group came into being through the vision of highly motivated professionals. Keeping to our commitment of deadlines, we deliver on our promises. “Creating works of magnificence that last”—at Landmark that is the essential requirement, an approach reflected in the flawless execution of our projects. Our structures meet the highest criteria of strength, executed with an eye on time and budget at all times.